For many years Dr. Nick Begich has tirelessly campaigned to alert the public to the dangers of the American military's latest ground based star wars system known as HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project).

Begich's book, Angels Don't Play This HAARP (1995) co authored with Jeane Manning, exposed for the first time the terrifying new direction the US military was taking with the  deployment of HAARP, a multifunction weapon capable of downing satellites in orbit, jamming  global communications, changing weather patterns, creating earthquakes and remotely manipulating human behavior. Begich latest book Earth Rising The Revolution.  Towards a thousand years of peace (2000) (co-authored with James Roderick) is a shocking expose revealing radical new technologies that  collectively present the greatest threat to the future of democracy. 

 His research explores the bogus idea of a peace dividend that promised a de-escalation of military spending after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Instead the US military and others have been secretly developing a whole new breed of electromagnetic weapon systems, surveillance systems, particle beam  weapons and mind control technologies that effectively make all concepts of human freedom  a thing of the past. Tim Coleman talked to him at his home in Anchorage, Alaska.






 XF. Can you describe how HAARP functions?  

 NB Essentially a large field of antennas on the ground generates radio frequency (RF) energy that is tuned causing the energy to focus. The system allows for the  transmission of a billion watts of energy and this is beamed up to the charged layer of the  earth's atmosphere called the ionosphere. By manipulating the ionosphere they create many of the weapons applications used by the military. For example when this energy is transmitted it heats up the ionosphere which moves up around 200 km causing the lower  atmosphere to rush in. If any low orbiting satellites cross this path they will burn up.   


XF What are military's objectives for building HAARP?  

NB. One goal is for use in earth penetrating tomography, which is basically x-raying the earth. By bouncing energy off the ionosphere they can look several miles down into the earth for underground nuclear facilities or mineral deposits. In a similar way they can use extremely low frequency radiation (ELF) to communicate with submarines still under water. Also they can use it for over the horizon radar that enables them to look around the curvature of the earth for incoming objects from space or detecting cruise missiles. The same technology can be used to disrupt the flight patterns of this system by using a EM pulse to scramble their flight control computers.


 XK. Why is HAARP described as a ground based Star Wars system? 

 NB.  The objective of the SDI or Star Wars systems was to guard the country against incoming missiles. With HAARP you have a device that can not only detect those incoming objects but when it is augmented by gamma ray detectors on satellites, it can also determine which are carrying nuclear payloads. The other side of SDI was to destroy those missiles and with HAARP that is possible using electromagnetic means. 


XF. How can HAARP be used as to affect the weather? 

NB. HAARP can create a hole in the atmosphere 30 km in diameter which is then rapidly filled with the lower atmosphere. This changes both high and low pressure  systems. By moving the transmitted energy about you can effect a huge area and change the weather. Because climate systems are interconnected, what you do in one side of the planet can have effects on the other. The idea of weather modification goes back to the early 1970's. Both the US and Russia signed a treaty in 1977 to not use weather modification as a weapon of war. Recently US secretary of defense Cohen has stated they want to modify this treaty simply because the technology has advanced so far they now want to use it.  





XF. Do you believe HAARP can induce earthquake activity?

 NB. In April 97 US Secretary of Defense Cohen attributed that ability to terrorist groups using Electromagnetic waves to cause earthquakes, volcanoes and climate change. Our  research shows that with a billion watts of power it could be possible to exceed  certain thresholds and set off a harmonic resonance - a vibration that harmonises with the earth's  natural frequency in a certain location. Its like dialing the correct frequencies on a radio to find the station, get the right resonance, focus the energy on say down town Tokyo and you can create massive earthquakes there.  


XF What have you discovered about HAARP'S ability to affect human emotions and behavior? 

  NB. If you have a signal that correlates to predominant brain waves then the brain tends to lock onto that signal and follow it. This is called entrainment. A good example was the 200 Japanese school children who went to hospital with epileptic seizures after watching a cartoon that flickered at a certain frequency. If you know the frequencies that trigger certain physiological and psychological effects you can stimulate them externally with a pulsed radio frequency signal. This method was demonstrated by Jose Delgado in 1984. All you need to do is get the correct pulse rate and you can stimulate feelings  ranging from calm to ones of extreme agitation and anxiety. HAARP can be used to excite the ionosphere and return a signal that would effect the behavior of the majority of the  population underneath it.  





XF Do you believes HAARP was used in the (first) Gulf war?

  Probably not. However by the military's own admission we know that a similar type of technology was used. They used a variation of what are called Silent Subliminals. Here a radio broadcast is made of an audio signal at ultrasonic frequencies, which are above normal levels of hearing. The signal is modulated so the brain picks it up  subliminally and it is this signal that is able to effect the brain directly creating extreme feelings of  fear and panic. The Iraqis later said it was the most devastating weapon used in the war, because you could not stop or detect it.  Although HAARP is the largest system available to  implement this kind of effect, in the Gulf they used tactical weapons mounted on the Army's RF  helicopters and in small vehicles. It caused feelings of disorientation, nose bleeds and help cause mass surrenders.  


XF.  Is it possible to induce hallucinations with this type of technology?

 NB. With HAARP it is not, but we know the government has technology to create three-dimensional image-holograms. They also have a technique called acoustic  heterodyning which enables you to project a voice into space, so its a bit like a voice  appearing to talk to you from the middle of an empty area. If you take that and throw a hologram in the middle of it, you now have the ability to create a convincing three dimensional image, or apparition if you like, that could speak. Obviously the effect could be highly disturbing.  


XF Have you been more successful campaigning about HAARP in the European Parliament than within the US? 

NB. Definitely. In February 98 I was invited by the European Parliament to present our research on HAARP to the Security and disarmament Sub Committee for the  Foreign Affairs Committee. We asked in advance to include Non-lethal Weapons as we wanted to present the whole picture. They agreed. However NATO refused to debate the issue stating they had no policy on the deployment of NLWs, nor on Ionosphere modification  weapons. So we presented a list of all the places NATO had deployed these systems in the  battlefield and our suggestion was that if they had no policy, by no means should they be  utilizing this technology. A year later a coalition of Conservatives, Greens and Social Democrats passed a comprehensive resolution stating that the use of this technology should be  prohibited and the technology being developed to influence human physiology should be  forbidden. So they are currently looking at it in terms of modifying existing treaty agreements.  We have definitely slowed the deployment of HAARP since they have had to spend a lot of time trying to cover their tracks.  


XF Can you describe some of the other weapons that affect memory and behavior? 

 NB. We were startled to find in the military's own publication - New World  Vistas Air and Space for the 21st Century - a forecast of the types of technologies that  could be used in the next 20 years. They suggested that it will be possible to create synthetic memories where you can invasively remove someone's memory set and replace it with a new one.  Other technologies include the ability to remotely project voices into someone's mind. A person would start to hear voices in their head, leading them or others to believe they were schizophrenic. Also we have uncovered the work of a Russian scientist called  Schmirnoff who discusses the use of technology that is able to bypass all conscious  filters and project a voice into your head which describes as being like 'a commandment from God'.  It cannot be resisted. The existence of this kind of technology should really alarm people. 


 XF What other techniques of persuasion have you uncovered? 

 NB. One technique used by the Russians is the development of a virus that uses the 25th frame effect. This involves putting an subliminal image into every 25th frame of a moving picture. This is invisible to the naked eye but will affect your behavior.  For example in a test they put in a hidden message which told everyone to go get cake. Afterwards everyone in the building started showing up with cake and not knowing why they were doing  this. If you think about the interconnectedness of the Internet as a delivery system for this technology it’s extremely disturbing. Incredibly the makers of this virus tagged it with the number 666, whether intentionally or not, from a religious perspective, the implications  are bizarre. 




 XF You're investigated many of the so called Non Lethal weapons systems.  Can you say what is meant by this term?  

 NB. If you take the extreme definition given by Dr. Edward Teller father of the H-bomb his view is that if you give people an early warning of dropping a nuclear  weapon, then this is non lethal!  However the current US model states that if the device doesn't  kill 25% of the people it is deployed against then its non lethal. By this definition a  Claymore mine would be considered non lethal. Non Lethal weapons is phrase the military used to introduce technologies that are different, unique and revolutionary in a way that would  be more commonly accepted by the average person. Thus you see nets, sticky foam and the like hyped in the media as potentially harmless, yet suffocating slowly when the foam  gets on your face is not non lethal. 


XF Are Non lethal weapons better because they are less likely to be used? 


 NB. This is a common fallacy. In Northern Ireland every time non-lethals were deployed they were used. In Bosnia for over a year not a shot was fired because the presence of lethal weapons meant the willingness to restrain was great. If people have the perception that NLWs are harmless they are more apt to use them, when in fact they are far from harmless. Take the use of various electromagnetic weapons which have the capacity to  remotely stop someone's heart.


XF Do you think wars of the future will be fought using electromagnetic  weapons and non lethal systems?  

 NB. Absolutely. In fact when you think about the Yugoslavian conflict and the Gulf War, these were essentially ‘console wars’. It showed for the first time the terrifying new direction this new weapon systems are taking us. Very few American or allied soldiers were placed in harms way, while hundreds of thousands of others were impacted by the discharge of those weapons. This is becoming increasingly more sophisticated as we move from exploding ordinance to EM weapons that ostensibly move at the speed of light, arrive and destroy their target in milli seconds. This is the direction of modern warfare on all levels.




XF Do you see the implementation of the whole range of these technologies as a threat to democracy?  

 NB. These technologies taken collectively represent the greatest invasion of person privacy, and the greatest threat to basic human rights and freedoms that have ever been contemplated by mankind. The idea of effecting people on an energetic level instead of just ripping through tissue is even more destructive. If you think of the body as  comprised of energy - what you have with conventional  weapons is an effect on the outer solid body. With EM weapons you are manipulating the basic energy of a living being, these are weapons that hurt us at the very core of our being and they  are totally undetectable. That is the danger they can be deployed without our knowledge




 Case notes   


For some time Begich has warned about the dangers of project Echelon the National Security Agency's (NSA) spying system. This consists of clandestine listening  posts capable of intercepting all global electronic communications at any given time  including: telephone conversations, e-mail, faxes, satellite transmissions, microwave links and  fiber optic traffic. Recently the European Parliament and Congress have placed the NSA's operation under greater scrutiny after allegations of abuses. The budget for Echelon eclipses the total budget for the CIA and costs nearly $ 1 million per hour, or $8 billion per year. It employs over 20,000 and is the largest employer in the US state of Maryland.  Echelon is a joint project involving the US, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Echelon searches for key words or key phrases that are submitted by 300 different agencies from these five governments.  With the advance of new biometric technologies such as voice recognition the system is able to take a few seconds of a person's voice and imprint into the system like a fingerprint. From that point on if that person talks again on any of the global systems monitored by Echelon it will instantly record the person's conversation. 




It is estimated that every day around $100 million flows from the US Treasury to the Pentagon to finance the national security machinery of the United States.   This 'Black Budget' is not scrutinized by any of the usual checks and balances of Congress, lies outside of the democratic process and provides the secret treasury of the Nation's  military and intelligence agencies. With virtually no oversight billions of dollars are spent in the creation and development of the nation's most sophisticated systems, including the new  'non lethal' weapons. The Washington Post recently revealed that 40% of the US Air Force equipment budget was black.  In a document called a Revolution in Military Affairs produced by the Army War College in 1989 the authors admit that many of the Black budget  funded Electromagnetic weapons systems violate American values and principles of  law. Instead of abandoning the weapons the publication states that military policy should be about finding ways of changing American values so they will accept these systems. Begich's concern is that American public opinion, already based in complete ignorance of the nature of these systems, will be manipulated further by justifying their use on terrorists  and international drug smugglers, the first step of a possible slide into totalitarianism. 



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