Dr. O’Leary is a planetary scientist with a Ph.D. in astronomy. For years he was an elite member of the American scientific community, teaching at some of the countries most prestigious universities. He was an astronaut for the Apollo program and in 1967 was selected to be part of the first manned mission to Mars before being canceled by NASA.  
Whilst working in the physics department at Princeton University his life changed dramatically when he had a remote viewing experience in which he could accurately describe details of a distant location without physically being present. Unable to integrate this experience into the limited ‘box’ of mainstream science, O’Leary slowly broke free of the restricted world view held by many of his peers and began a twenty year scientific exploration of a wide range of phenomena generally considered taboo by orthodox science.
In three of his books: The Second Coming of Science, Exploring Inner and Outer Space and Miracle in the Void, O’Leary explores the scientific research conducted into a wide range of areas including: - paranormal abilities like psychokinesis,  (Mind over matter), the nature of consciousness, the development of ‘free energy’ technologies, crop circles, UFOs and other pioneering fields. His new book Re-inheriting the Earth - Awakening to Sustainable Solutions and Greater Truths, tackles the destruction of the environment and depletion of resources. And what can be done to avert global disaster. 
He has traveled the world meeting researchers, inventors and spiritual figures in an effort to document the emerging new paradigms of science. O’leary is one of the most vocal advocates for the use of ‘ free energy’ technologies which he believes offer revolutionary, non polluting, cheap and decentralized methods of energy production; alternatives which could totally replace destructive dependence on fossil fuels. 

Q. What will happen to the global environment if radical changes and the new energy technologies are not implemented soon?
BO. We will face an unprecedented ecological collapse. Already we are going beyond the limits of sustainability worldwide. The rate of increase in consumption of resources is alarming. In the last 60 years we have consumed half of the world’s supply of oil, the rate of energy consumption has increased five times in this period and a quarter of that energy consumption is by America. Even if we discover double the amount of oil that is currently estimated to exist, we will still completely run out by around 2070. Not only that but the ecological crisis is now so advanced that we are already into non-linearity, where we are unable to predict effects. The scientific consensus is that human activity is directly responsible for global warming and the catastrophic climatic changes which have in turn led to millions of deaths from things like floods, tornadoes, the widespread distribution of air born diseases and major climatic disasters like El Ninio.
Q. How can this trend be averted?
BO. If we are to achieve zero emissions, or the curtailment of green house gasses, by 2020 we must replace fossil fuels with Hydrogen, Solar and Wind as means of generating energy. As well as developing the more exotic energy sources such as Cold Fusion and so called ‘Free energy’. Free Energy technology is a reality but its development is waiting in the wings for cultural approval. The problem is more social than technical. As far as the technology of new energy goes we are in a time similar to the Wright Brothers, proof of concept is there, but we have not begun to deliver the mail and passengers yet. 

Q. Can you define what ‘Free energy means?
OL. This is energy obtained from nothing, or at least what we used to think of as nothing. There are different principles involved in generating free energy, and its too early to come up with a single unifying principle, however what appears to be happening is energy comes from a potential form that exists in the vacuum of space, or what is called the Zero Point Field (ZPF), a potential energy field that is everywhere and in every direction. It is the unseen form of energy that precedes the formation of matter and energy. The English scientist Michael Faraday noted as far back as the 1830’s that when you spin a disc with magnets on it you get anomalous electrical output. Today a number of different devices that utilize spinning magnets have been developed. Essentially these machines require input energy to get them rotating, having reached a certain speed they produce more electrical output than input as measured traditionally. More energy comes out than goes in!  This is why they are also called ‘over unity’ devices. Once the input energy has started the device spinning and its producing more output energy it should be able to run indefinitely independently of external power.
Q.. Is cold fusion classed as a type of free energy system?
BO. Absolutely. What appears to be happening here is nuclear like reactions are occurring at room temperatures, which appears to contradict classical physics like the first law of thermodynamics, this is why orthodox scientists couldn’t accept the results, yet to date hundreds of different researchers have demonstrated these reactions and it is widely reported in the scientific literature, despite what the mainstream media may have to say. 
Q.. Are all free energy devices drawing from the Zero Point Field? 
BO. That is what we are still trying to discover. American scientist Dr. Randell Mills theorizes that the ground state of Hydrogen, (the simplest of all atoms) is not the lowest energetic state and an atom could shrink even further changing into a Hydrino, which causes a release of energy and a transmutation of elements. (One element changing into a completely different one.)  This is the kind of nuclear-chemical interpretation of what may happen during cold fusion. Other US researchers like Dr. Bernard Haisch and Dr. Hal Puthoff believe that it is interactions with the Zero Point Field, which produce the anomalous energy. 

Q. How much energy can be obtained from tapping into the Zero point Field?
BO. There is a virtually infinite supply of potential energy and the potential for conversion is colossal. It has been estimated that converting one cubic centimeter of ZPE would provide enough energy to boil away all the earth’s oceans. 
Q. How can the transmutation of elements found in some free energy systems be utilized?
OL. The good news is that laboratory demonstrations show that cold fusion technologies could probably be used to transmute high-level radioactive waste into non-radioactive substances. This has enormous implications, not only do free energy devices have the potential to produce abundant non-polluting energy and take people off the power generating grid, but they can also help clean up the environment by providing an elegant solution to getting rid of nuclear waste, infinitely better than just burying it or blasting it into space. 

Q. Critics have said that few, if any, of the “free energy’ devices actually produce more energy out than in. Have you seen any that actually work?
I have traveled the world inspecting these devices and have read all the literature. A lot of these machines are still in the early stages of development and are crying out for research and development funding. Dr Paramahamsa Tewari made one of the most convincing demonstrations I’ve seen. He is chief engineer for India’s largest nuclear power construction project. His ‘N-machine’ was able to produce 300% over unity. Or 300 times more output energy output than used to power it. 
Q. Out of all the free energy systems you have investigated which show the most promise for commercial application?
BO. Cold fusion is currently further advanced in development than any other free energy system and so might lead the way, especially for heating and cooling systems as it produces thermal energy. The spinning magnetic motors like Tewari’s are a good candidate but there are also more elegant solid-state systems on the way. Canadian inventor, John Hutchison, has made crystal type devices with no moving parts or chemical reactions that produce a steady current of electricity indefinitely. While American inventor ‘Sparky’ Sweet was able to condition magnets for use in his solid-state free energy device. Both appear to draw energy from the ZPF.
Q. What are the implications for when commercial production of these devices becomes viable?
OL. When these devices are perfected the possibilities will be unlimited. Just imagine replacing all internal combustion engines. Also imagine replacing all the ugly central power grid system with small solid-state devices that can fit into your house and which would power all your electrical appliances: heating, cooking, hot water, any type of energy requirement could be met without having to pollute ever again. Not only that but the economic savings would be huge, once you have purchased, say a solid-state device, having no moving parts, it would not need servicing, and the production of energy would then be free. Compared to now where approximately half of the money spent by anyone anywhere on anything goes on energy costs.
Q. Your investigation into the new paradigm of science has involved the connection between matter, energy and consciousness. Why is the significance of this?
BO. Western science has concerned itself almost entirely with the material world- the interconnection of matter with matter and matter with energy, as if that was the complete picture. The eastern world has always realized that consciousness can interact with matter and energy to create what we call miracles. Miracles are really a part of our reality, which has been discounted by the western world. So the triad between consciousness, energy and matter symbolically represents the unification of east and west and provides the basis for a new science, which can address alternative forms of healing, psychokinesis and all manner of things.
Q. Would this model explain reports of an interaction between the inventors mind and their operation of free energy devices?
BO. John Hutchison is a case in point. He is somehow able to ‘communicate’ with the metal in his free energy devices. What happens is that both metal and electric currents are influenced by his intention, he implants his attention or consciousness into his electromagnetic devices and this creates observable results like the levitation of objects in his laboratory. I have been standing next to him and have seen a heavy metal object just melt without any technological device being present. 

Q. If these technologies can offer such revolutionary potential why haven’t they been widely adopted?
BO. The English philosopher Bertrand Russell said - resistance to a new idea increases by the square of its importance. What we are really talking about here is supplanting the world’s largest industry: energy. An industry that generates over a trillion dollars a year. Not only that but virtually every other major industry would be impacted. Society would be changed completely and the scale of this change would be unprecedented so the resistance to change is colossal. 
Q. What examples of suppression have you come across whilst investigating the free energy area?
BO. When John Hutchison and I were leaving Canada for a conference in Germany, Canadian customs officials simply confiscated all his equipment, and never gave it back. Several men appeared at ‘Sparky’ Sweet’s lab holding a surveillance photograph of him working on his device inside the house. He was told he would be killed if he continued. Other inventors have been driven out of the US, others have committed suicide, and depression is common.  Just look at how we are treating our brightest pioneers? Other forms of suppression are more subtle: ridicule, rejection of patents, and lack of funding. Not to mention the black out in the media. I conducted a three-hour interview with the Washington Post about free energy and they ended up using nothing, just a safe historical piece on Tesla.
Q. In terms of the future evolution of humanity, how important is the development of free energy?
BO. I think it is the next evolutionary step. We are on the cusp of a paradigm shift that will be so large it is almost unimaginable; a quantum leap in change. I see free energy technology as a bridge to this new paradigm. Two main concepts underlie the new science that is emerging:  consciousness and acknowledged contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. By consciousness I mean the incredible power of human intention, both these will form the basis of a giant expansion in human consciousness. 
Q. In your latest book – Re-Inheriting the Earth – you suggest eight ways to help solve the ecological crisis. What are they?
BO. People just don’t realize how desperate the situation has become. I estimate that we have about ten years to implement significant changes before it’s too late. The situation is really shocking. One has to have guts to look at it squarely without becoming overwhelmed or depressed. It’s not easy. However what I suggest are the following steps: 
1) Become aware of the situation.
2) Develop non-polluting energy.
3) Preserve, restore and sustain the Biosphere.
4) Form a Global Green Republic.
5) Clean up and enhance our personal ecologies.
6) Create and support a new science of consciousness.
7) Adopt a manifesto of sustainability: A declaration of interdependence.
8) Overcome the insurmountable with compassion.
Q. You have been interested in the UFO subject for twenty years and you have stated that if contact with an ETs occurred it would be a catalyst for a massive paradigm shift. Why do you think that?
BO. Well, if ET contact occurred in a fully public way and everyone knew what was happening it would be the most important event in human history. Think of the possibilities involved in the cultural exchanges. Not to mention the possible acquisition of new technologies.  But I think even more important than this would be the social impact. We would see that we are no longer the masters of the universe. And the anthropocentrism – the belief that we are the center of the universe or the only intelligence in it -  would vanish and so would the arrogance that goes along with it.
Q. Do you believe that the reality of extraterrestrial intelligences visiting the earth will eventually become universally accepted?
BO. I think so. It is becoming more accepted through the popularization of the encounters. To me there is intelligence up there, but mainstream culture has not been intelligent enough to discern that fact. There are many parallel methods of contact with non-human forms of intelligence, some physical some not. Some may be coming from realms beyond time and space, or from realms of reality truly different from ours. Contact is a very broad field, if one listened to just the mainstream media you would think that picking up microwave signals from nearby stars was the only approach, but there is Ufology, abduction, mediumship, (if the deceased can be considered non-human), angels, channeling, divas, nature spirits, the interaction with Gaia and so on. I see all these as legitimate approaches to non-human intelligence, which is in fact everywhere.
Q. When you went to Brazil to see the famous psychic Thomaz Green Morton what sort of paranormal abilities did you see him demonstrate?
BO I went to See Thomaz in his tiny village called Puoso Allegre. He was able to materialize perfume from the back of his hand when it was six inches from my face. I could see it gushing out the skin and forming puddles in my out stretched palm. The perfume was incredibly aromatic and a beautiful smell would permeate the entire room. I have also been in the presence of the Indian mystic Sai Baba, who materialized a two-pound marble egg right in front of my face. For me, both of these people were paradigm shifters. With their outrageous displays of mind over matter the transcendent reality becomes very clear.
Q. You have stated that recognizing extraterrestrial cultures will help us gain our cosmic identity. What do you mean?
OL. We are currently isolated in our little corner of the universe and our awareness doesn’t reach much beyond the earth. We have barely begun to peek outside of our home environment. The discovery of intelligence out there will unquestionably shift our awareness into a cosmic identity. At the moment all we can do is have a planetary identity, but contact and consciousness will bring us beyond that and into the new paradigm.
Q. What do you think the alien agenda might be?
OL. I think we have been quarantined; they are staying away from open contact, partly because we are destroying the earth. From Dr. Mack’s work on abduction there is plenty of evidence to show how concerned the ETs are with environmental issues. There is probably a ‘Prime Directive’ (As in the TV series Star Trek) not to directly communicate with us but only in subtle and clandestine ways. Other reasons may be to avoid cultural shock, but I think mainly because as a species we are incredibly dangerous to deal with.
Q. You have come a long way from the days you worked as a mainstream materialist scientist to a person with a far more open and spiritual perspective. Has it been a difficult transition?
BO. It sure was! Initially I had no idea how difficult that journey would be. I didn’t realize how my views would result in me being totally excommunicated from the scientific establishment and given up as some kind of crazy crank. Occasionally I regret that decision. I miss the regular paycheck, having students in my office and playing the professorial role. But I would never go back to that. It would be going against everything I believe in.
Q. Why do you think mainstream scientists are so reluctant to embrace many of the subjects we have discussed?
BO. This is not a new phenomenon. Throughout history the dominant institutions have always resisted change. Look at how the Church dealt with early scientists like Galileo. Now the scientists have become the high priests of our culture. And most scientists operate within certain philosophical assumptions. They work within a specific ‘box’. Whether they call that ‘box’ materialism, reductionism or determinism. The bigger the prospective change from areas like ET Contact or Free Energy – the bigger the resistance and the more denial. Those nearest the top of the hierarchy are the least likely to be able to assimilate these new paradigms. They become institutionalized and closed down. Put simply the power corrupts them. 
Q. Do you believe that unless we implement some of these new paradigm technologies we as a species are doomed?
BO. We are being forced to evolve, if we don’t change our ways we may end up like the dinosaurs. We have to wake up to the fact that we are facing our own extinction, face it, admit it and start looking for solutions, as we admit it we will evolve along with it. But as Joseph Campbell points out Apocalypse doesn’t mean the end of life in a terrible Armageddon, but the fact that our ignorance and complacence have come to an end.

In his book – ‘The Second Coming of Science’  Dr. O’Leary discusses the importance of research conducted by Bruce and John Klinbiel the father and son team who twenty years ago did some remarkable ground breaking experiments on psychokninesis and the power of prayer. They laid the foundations for what has now become a rapidly expanding field. Their experiments showed the power of prayer and meditation by groups could produce miraculous changes, whether it was the healing of an individual or a community. For example double blind experiments were conducted where a group would pray for people who had just undergone heart surgery. Individuals who were the recipient of prayer recovered more quickly. Other experiments showed the positive effects of prayer on bacteria and germinating seeds.
John Hutchison has long been experimenting with Tesla coils, electrostatic generators and other equipment that create complex electromagnetic fields which if correctly tuned can levitate metal and non metallic objects. Some theorists believe that this ‘antigravity’ result called the Hutchison effect is caused by opposing electromagnetic fields canceling each other out and resulting in a powerful in flowing of Zero Point Energy. O’Leary believes that this phenomenon is effected by the additional factor of Hutchison intention which may account for the inability of the results to be always repeatable. In one demonstration held in Hutchinson’s laboratory he was able to levitate a rage of objects, including Ice cream and a heavy steel ball.


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