For many years physical evidence supporting the reality of alien abduction was scarce. Researchers had presented X-rays and CAT scans which showed tiny objects implanted into the bodies of people who claimed to have experienced alien abduction, but until recently no one had managed to successfully remove them for scientific analysis. All that changed in August 1995, when Dr. Roger Leir, a Podiatrist and surgeon, conducted the first in a series of operations to remove a number of alleged alien implants at his medical practice in Southern California. Dr. Leir, working in conjunction with the Houston Based abduction researcher Derrel Sims, has so far operated on eight individuals and removed a total of nine objects. These have been subjected to a battery of biological and physical tests to establish their composition and structure. Leir, who has published the findings in his book The Aliens and the Scalpel claims he has conclusive evidence that six of these objects are of extraterrestrial origin. 

Has Dr. Leir finally managed to provide firm scientific evidence that extraterrestrials are abducting and experimenting on humans? Tim Coleman spoke to him at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada.




XF. How did a sober man of science like you get involved in the alien abduction phenomenon?

RL. I’ve had a long interest in the UFO subject. My cousin is the psychologist and renowned expert in Near Death Experience Dr. Kenneth Ring. His book called The Omega Project links Near Death Experience and its possible connection with UFO experiences. I am also a long-standing member of The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and have my investigators certificate. I write articles for a MUFON publication called the Vortex, in this capacity I was attending a UFO conference in Los Angeles in June 1995, when I bumped into Derrel Sims, who was lecturing there. He presented me with a series of X-rays, one of which depicted some sort of foreign object in the big toe area. I was initially very skeptical as the objects looked very similar to stainless steel sutures commonly used in foot surgery. Darrell then provided me with this person’s medical records which clearly showed she had never had foot surgery. I then became very interested and offered to remove this and another object in someone’s hand for free. That led to the first of the eight operations taking place two months later. 




XF How do you and Sims select the people to operate on?


RL. The procedure is based on a set of strict criteria, which we set up when we were working with The National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS). All procedures had to stay within clearly defined scientific parameters. Individuals had to fulfill the following criteria: They had to have a relationship with the abduction phenomena - had  seen a UFO, or experienced missing time. We asked them to fill out forms to determine how deeply they were involved. They had to have a demonstrable object in their bodies which would appear on an X-ray ,CAT scan or MRI. We specifically choose not to include people who had undergone hypnosis. We didn’t want the criticism from those who are critical of hypnotherapists - specifically the problem with implanting memories-  so we concentrated on people who had full conscious memories of their abduction experiences.




XF How did these people know they had a foreign body in their bodies?


RL. Some would have a conscious memory that an object was implanted into their bodies during the abduction experience. Often the object was discovered by accident, in one case a doctor took an X-ray of a foot and noticed an object in the big toe. In another case the objects were discovered following an automobile accident. Others have unusual  lumps and scars suddenly appear on their skin, they get suspicious and request an X-ray.


XF What was your reaction to the first objects which were removed ?


RL. I was really startled. In my profession I have removed practically every type of object from people’s feet: hair, plastic, glass, metal you name it, but in this case the object I first took out was like nothing I had ever seen before. Both myself and the general surgeon who was assisting were extremely surprised.


XF. Can you describe the objects that have been removed so far?


RL We divided the removed objects into three categories. When a piece of material that looked like glass or crystal was removed it turned out to be bottle glass, so this falls into the first category- normal or terrestrial The other eight objects are divided into two further categories and we believe all of these objects to be of extraterrestrial origin. Five of the objects were covered in a dark gray shiny membrane, the most interesting of these turned out to have a ‘T’ shaped structure. The three other objects were grayish-white ovoid balls and were attached to an abnormal area of the skin and the individuals all reported that these abnormalities appeared over night.




XF What unusual things did you discover when you removed the first objects ? 


RL We removed three objects from two individuals in the first surgery. All the objects were covered in this tightly wrapped grey-white membrane. Both me and the general surgeon assisting the operation were shocked to discover that it was impossible to cut through this biological tissue with a new surgical blade. We were also shocked to discover that some of the patients would react violently to having the objects touched. Additionally both patients reported pain one week before the object was removed. 


 XF. What range of tests have so far been conducted?


RL A wide battery of biological and non-biological tests have been carried out. Biological testing consists of routine pathology tests. Extensive metallurgical testing. The objects were also subjected to examination with both light and electron microscopes and they were analyzed using techniques like X-ray diffraction to determine which atomic elements they comprised. 


XF What unusual things did the biological tests reveal ?


RL. The first surprising thing we discovered was there was no inflammatory response in the tissue surrounding the objects. This is very strange as any foreign object introduced in to the body always causes an inflammatory response - or some type of rejection. Here there was none. Secondly the surrounding tissues contained large numbers of what are called proprioceptors, which are specialized nerve cells usually found in areas like the finger tips and which serve to conduct sensations like pressure, temperature and fine touch. There was no anatomical reason for why they should be clustered around the object in such large numbers in the areas where we found them. In two other cases we removed tissue above the objects from what appeared to be the classic ‘scoop mark’ type lesion found on alleged abductees. In each case we found a condition called Solar Elastosis, which is caused by exposure to ultra violet light. This could not be due to sun burn, since the area affected was only a tiny spot.





XF. What did analysis of the membrane indicate?


RL. We discovered that the membrane was composed of three constituents which are normally found in the body: a protein coagulum, Hemosiderin granules - an Iron pigment and keratin. However when we researched into all the available medical literature we were unable to find any combination of substances like this that have ever been observed before.


XF. What did the metallurgical analysis reveal?


RL. Samples were sent to some of the most prestigious labs in the country. Places like –Los Alamos National labs, New Mexico tech, Toronto University - and others. One of the labs compared the specimens to meteorite portions and of course meteorites do not originate on earth. When we told them the samples had been removed from tissue, they insisted this was impossible. 





XF What was the significance of the different isotopic ratios?


RL. To me this is the smoking gun, No matter where you mine a specific element on earth you will find that the ratio of the various radioactive isotopes it contains will always be with in a certain range. Thus Uranium 235 will always contain a certain ratio of the isotopes of Uranium 234 and 236. This will always be the same on earth, but If we look at rock samples from say the moon we will see a completely different isotopic ratio. When we  did this kind of testing for some of the elements that comprise these objects we found that they have isotopic ratios which are clearly not from earth.





XF Didn’t you noticed something odd about the magnetic properties of one of the objects?


RL. This is very strange. We noticed that the object which we removed during the filming of the NBC TV special, had a magnetic field which twice set off a Gauss meter (a device for detecting magnetic fields). However when we attempted to take this reading again in front of the cameras, absolutely no magnetic field was detected. One of the engineers who we are working with speculates this is because the object has in fact shut itself off. When we took the sample into the lab for X-ray diffraction analysis of the elements we assumed it would contain Iron, since anything magnetic has to contain that element. The first test revealed a peak not matched by anything known. The next fourteen tests produced no peaks at all. By producing an area where there are no graphic spikes what so ever it seems to demonstrate that the object is comprised of an amorphous mass with no atomic structure. In other words the atoms and molecules are not arranged in any specific configuration that would give rise to an element.


XF Were there any psychological changes in the people after the implants were removed?


RL. All of the subjects were examined by a psychologist before and after surgery. Some of them reported that after the objects had been removed they experienced a new found sense of freedom. We asked the psychologist if this was due to relief from the  apprehension of having a surgical procedure - thinking thank God it’s over. She stated that this had nothing to do with it. Interestingly these individual reported their experience in virtually the same words. One woman who was a housewife went straight back to her family and wanted nothing more to do with the UFO phenomenon.




XF What do you think may be the function of these objects?


RL. I can give you the four most popular theories. 1) They are locating devices or transponders, enabling the intelligence behind abductions to find individuals. 2) They are behavior modification devices. It is now known that individuals claiming to have been abducted exhibit compulsive behavior. 3) They could be devices for detecting chemical changes in the body. This I find quite plausible, they may be used to monitor pollution levels and how they are affecting the human population. 4) Devices for detecting genetic changes in the body. If researchers like Zecharia Sitchin are correct and the human race is a genetically altered species, it is possible that this genetic manipulation may still be going on and it is something they wish to monitor closely.


XF. Why do you believe the evidence so far accumulated proves the claim that these objects are of extraterrestrial origin?


RL.  For the lack of a better explanation the theory of extraterrestrial origin is the only conclusion a sane individual can draw. If you find people who all say they have been abducted by extraterrestrials and you find objects in them that have, among other things, an isotopic ratio not found on this planet, what other conclusion can you draw?





Examination of the ‘T’ shaped object under an electron microscope, which magnified part of the object up to 1000 times revealed a number of interesting details which indicate the object was manufactured. On one end of the ‘crossbar’ of the ‘T’ shaped object there is a protuberance which Leir likens to a barb on a fish hook, which could be used to anchor the object in tissue. The other end is ‘rounded off’ like a bullet and in the middle there is an indentation into which the vertical ‘rod’ fits precisely. Additionally one of the ‘rods’ has an iron element that is magnetic and runs  through it. The other ‘rod’ has a carbon core which is conductive. When the two are placed in close proximity they attract each other and cling together. The vertical rod has a peculiar band of silicate crystals that completely circles the rod. Bob Beckwith, an electrical engineer working with Leir has speculated that the object could be equated in it’s apparent simplicity to a crystal radio receiving set, which requires only a quartz crystal and copper wire to pick up radio signals. 





Derrel Sims, who has worked with hundreds of alleged abductees, discovered that a small percentage of people reporting this experiences also displayed peculiar patterns which were only visible under ultra violet ‘black’ light.  When black light was shone on their skin these patterns or stains would fluoresce a variety of different colours. Sims explained that in most of the cases the fluorescent stains could not be removed by washing in any common substance. Leir examined one woman who exhibited a pink fluorescent stain on the palm of her hands, which could be removed temporarily, but since the chemical producing this stain was subdermal, it would later seep back. When Sims placed the objects removed during surgery under UV light they all gave off a bright green fluorescence. The function of this is as yet unknown, but Leir speculates it may have something to do with preventing the body from rejecting the objects. 



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