A.J Gevaerd is Brazil’s leading UFO researcher and for 13 years has been the editor of the countries only UFO publication -UFO magazine -. He is also the director of the Brazilian Center for Flying Saucer Research, the largest organization of it’s kind in Brazil.


In 1996 he gained international recognition for his work publicizing and investigating the retrieval of two ETs that had survived the crash of their craft and who were later captured alive in the town of Varginha.  Gevaerd along with 15 other Brazilian researchers compiled reports from hundreds of witnesses who confirmed the crash-retrieval had occurred, many of the reports coming from military personnel who were directly involved in the recovery operation. The Varginha incident is widely recognized as one of the most important UFO cases in modern times.




More recently Gevaerd has revealed details of a remarkable UFO case which occurred in 1977 and involved Grey like ETs multiply abducting and attacking the native people who live along the Amazon river. A special team, assembled from the Brazilian Air Force, in what came to be called ‘Operation Saucer’ investigated the incident. They obtained reports from over 3000 people who had seen UFO activity and who had been attacked by balls of light. Eventually the military team also fell prey to attacks and abductions, but nevertheless succeeded in documenting events and taking 500 photographs of the UFOs. The commander of this team handed over all this evidence to Gevaerd shortly before committing suicide.


Tim Coleman interviewed him at the International UFO conference in Laughlin, Nevada.




TC. Can you tell me if there was any UFO activity reported before the discovery of the two ETs in the town of Varginha?


A.G. There had been many UFO sightings in the week before the two creatures were captured on Saturday 20 January 1996. On the night before two people reported seeing a craft which had difficulty flying. At the time they thought it was an airplane crashing. On the morning of the 20th at around 7.30am a number of people in the town of Varginha reported seeing a small humanoid creature approximately three feet tall, with reddish-brown coloured skin, red eyes and three small bumps on it’s head.  This led panicked residence to call the Fire Department who went out to capture what they thought would be some kind of wild animal on the loose, something they are often asked to do. 


TC. What happened next?


A.G. The Firemen eventually located the creature in an area called Jardim Andere. They were so shocked by what they saw, they immediately called the army. By 10.30am army personnel along with the Firemen managed to capture the creature with nets and placed in a box. It was captured without resistance as it was apparently injured, probably in the crash. It was then taken to the School of the Sergeant of Arms in the nearby town of Tres Coracoes. 


TC. What happened when the second ET was discovered?





A.G. At around 3.30 that afternoon, three girls were returning from work when they spotted another creature kneeling against a wall not far from where the first had been captured. They described it as having grizzly brown skin, a large head, thick veins on its upper body three protuberances on its head like small horns, this along with the terrible smell of the creature made them think they had seen the devil. They fled in terror. One of the girls who got a better look said she thought the creature was injured since she could see suffering in it’s eyes. By now the army realized there was more than one creature and was out looking for it. At 8.30pm a military vehicle with two policemen in it almost drove over a creature we believe is the same of as the one seen earlier by the girls. There may have been a third and fourth creature but we can’t confirm it.




One of the policeman, Marco Elicherese, jumped out the truck and grabbed it with his bare hands, holding it in his lap until they reached a small medical facility. Unfortunately this man died two weeks later from septicemia, undoubtedly due to his bare flesh being in contact with the ET. The creature was later transported to the Humanitas Hospital in Varginha, since doctors at the smaller facility were unequipped to deal with the situation. This was a big mistake, it was around 11pm on Saturday night and everyone was out walking the streets, so many people saw all the commotion and the arrival of military cars and trucks pulling up. In all we have over 40 witnesses who reported seeing the capture of the two creatures, including statements from doctors, nurses and professionals of all kind.


TC. Did you manage to obtain testimony from military personnel ?


A.G. Yes, we were able to get statements from many military personnel involved in the recovery of the ETs. If we had taken another week to get the reports we wouldn’t have managed to get much, since they were all told to shut up later on.


TC. Was the UFO detected by radar as it came into Brazilian air space?


AG. The object we first detected by a US satellite, probably by NORAD. We  know the Americans informed the Brazilian military as part of an agreement between the two counties. Then Brazilian radar went on full alert tracking the craft down into the State of Minas Gerais, so both the US and the Brazilian government knew immediately a  UFO had crashed and approximately in what location.


TC. Do you think the alien craft was recovered?


A.G. We were told by military informants that it was recovered in a different operation, but we couldn’t get any details, by the time this occurred there was a complete clamp down.


TC. Do you know if both ETs survived being captured?


A.G. Yes, but they both died a few hours later. The first died almost immediately. They were probably badly injured. The craft crashed at around 3am and when people reported seeing them a few hours later they appeared to be barely alive. It could have been due to the crash or perhaps the environment was not suitable.


TC. What else indicated the Americans were involved in the operation?




A.G. We know the creatures were later moved to the Hospital of Clinics at the University of Campinas and examined by a team of doctors, headed by Brazil’s leading forensic scientist,Dr. Furtunato Badan Palhares. Our informant described 15 doctors in masks examining the bodies of the creatures, seven of the team were non-Brazilians, probably American scientists. Also we think that at least one, probably both bodies were shipped to the States. A special US transport plane arrived on the 26th at Campinas and we think the bodies were then transported to Edwards Air Force base. Everything indicates deep US involvement. Let's face it our government does what it's told to do by the Americans. They cooperate with the US military in return for favors. 




TC. Can you tell me what occurred during Operation Saucer?


AG. In 1977 hundreds of UFO reports were emerging from a particular area along the Amazon river. This was linked to reports from people who were chased and attacked by beams of light. Those attacked had symptoms of anemia. It's not clear whether this was due to an actual loss of blood or due to receiving a discharge from a UFO. This phenomenon was nick named ‘Chupa-Chupa’ meaning Suck-Suck. Initially the state authorities sent in a team of medical doctors who were also attacked. The attacks would not stop, so in September 1977 a team of 12 men were picked from the Brazilian Air Force and placed under the command of a man called Colonel Uyrange Hollanda who was head of the parachute search and rescue team for the entire Amazon region. It was this man who in 1987 eventually decided to give the information to me.




TC. What were the objectives of the ‘Operation Saucer’ team ?


A.G. They were ordered to talk to witnesses. In the end they obtained over 3000 reports of attacks and sightings. They were ordered to document everything including photographs.After much difficulty they obtained 500 photographs of the UFOs. Some showed a big cigar shaped UFO over the Amazon surrounded by smaller craft. There were a variety of different looking UFOs. Finally they were ordered to see if they could make contact with the ETs and see what they could learn. In a way this was also achieved, since all members of the team were abducted.





TC. What other type of craft were seen?


AG. The commander reported that the craft associated with the ‘suck-suck’ attacks was what he called ‘ a sports model’. He described it as being sleek and tear shaped with a large transparent area at the front a bit like a helicopter canopy. On occasions figures could be seen moving around inside.  Towards the end of the project ETs were frequently seen by the team, they were the short humanoid ‘Grey’ aliens.


TC. What happened when the team first arrived?


AG. They investigated the areas of reported activity, collected statements and set up night watches, but for the first 7 weeks nothing happened. After that whenever they went for a sky watch the UFOs would come, on many nights they would see a variety of UFOs. Initially the photographs they took failed to record any images of the UFOs, so they demanded more sophisticated equipment and film from the US and this enabled them to take hundreds of photos.




TC. Were the team attacked by the ET?


AG. No, the team’s presence seemed to attract the interest of the ETs and from that point on they started to observe all their actions. The commander told me the ETs seemed to know everything they did before they did it. If they decided to go up river, they would find

them waiting when they got there. They all had the feeling of being constantly observed. In fact all members of the team were abducted, this continued even after the operation was completed.  Col. Hollanda was multiply abducted, he told me he kept having strange

dreams, these turned out to be the sort abductees regularly report and which are in fact unconscious memories of the abduction experience. He recalled being examined  both physically and psychologically by the ETs which he thought was a form of preparation, but for what he couldn’t fully understand. He also said he acquired paranormal abilities as a result of the contacts.





TC. Did these abductions cause him to loose his emotional stability?


A.G. We finally got him to talk in July 1987. During the interview which lasted two days he would frequently break down and cry when he described his contact with the ETs. His wife tried to stop me from seeing him. He was under a lot of pressure and strange phenomena would continue to occur in his house and to his wife and children, years after he left the Amazon. It was tragic because he committed suicide two days before we had arranged for him to undergo hypnotic regression and I think this may have helped. He just could not deal with the nature of his experiences.




X.F What conclusions did Operation Saucer come to?


A.G. That the UFOs were definitely responsible for the attacks, that people were being abducted, sometimes they went missing for a few hours, sometimes people never returned. We don't know why these abductions were happening, or why they had such a special interest in the natives of the Amazon. Its possible they conducted their experiments in this area because the people were simple, isolated, living far from any protection. Clearly they had a specific agenda and carried it out without any concern for the humans they dealt with.




TC. What is your view of the abduction phenomenon?


AG. Abduction is a big puzzle. I have investigated cases in which people have acquired paranormal abilities, such as telepathy, telekinesis, and the ability to heal after having abduction experiences. In many other cases the person appears to gain nothing and is traumatized. There may be 1000 pieces to the abduction puzzle and at the moment we only have a few. It's vital we get all the information together and see what  matches. Too many researchers are concentrating on proving there are strange lights in the sky. I say forget this and let's focus our energies on abduction. We have some excellent UFO researchers in Brazil, but only a few who are looking into abduction. I am in the process of attracting some of the main US abduction researchers to Brazil, like Dr. Mack and Bud Hopkins, to help teach people how to do abduction research. There is a fantastic amount of new data here that has not yet been contaminated by the media.




TC.  What does the fact that observations made of ETs are usually humanoid in appearance suggest to you?


AG. To me this is remarkable. The majority of reports talk about beings with  two arms and two legs. It doesn’t matter if they are tall or short, the basic descriptions are similar in form to humans. This is far too much of a coincidence. Since it's clear these ETs originate in systems many light years away how is that possible? To me this indicates that we are part of a much larger human family in the universe, the visitors are probably aware of what their relationship they have to us, we are still in the dark. I’m convinced humanity in a number of different forms is spread out all over the universe, we are just a tiny fraction of what exists.





The case of Vera Rubia.


In the 1960’s Vera Rubia was a typical Brazilian teenager living in her grandmother’s house in Valencia, in the State of Rio de Janeiro. One night she woke after hearing a noise and entered the kitchen. Here she was confronted by a brilliant ball of light hovering in front of her, at which point she fainted. After this incident Rubia discovered she had acquired some remarkable paranormal abilities. She was able to accurately diagnose somebody’s illness simply by thinking about them. When Rubia was later investigated and put under hypnotic regression she recalled meeting two beings during the incident in the kitchen, which she described as being a male and female of human appearance. She later recalled have being taken by these beings who applied a number of strange instruments to her body. Rubia was investigated by many doctors who put her diagnostic skills to the test. They were found to be 99% accurate. The doctors were so impressed they started to ask her advice. In one case where a boy entered hospital dangerously ill from some kind of bite, Rubia was consulted and over the phone told doctors exactly what insect had bitten the child enabling the correct antidote to be administered. Gevaerd, who has investigated the case stated “ I know of many cases where abductees have acquired paranormal abilities. Although we are being visited by ETs who abductions appear to have no obvious benefits to humanity, there are plenty of cases that illustrate we are visited by ETs who can help us to do very special things. ”




Colonel Hollanda confided in Gevaerd that Operation Saucer was abruptly closed down towards the end of 1977 partly because the team began to observe Grey like ETs both on the ground and behind the windows of their ships and partly because of the frequency of the attacks. A second type of ET was seen similar to the classic Grey but of a different color. Col Hollanda concluded that the motive for the Chupa attacks was to obtain genetic material. He stated that the attacks would generally come when individuals were isolated. They would see a ball of light moving towards them and would receive some kind of electric shock which would put them to sleep for several hours, when they recovered they discovered small scars on their bodies and that a quantity of blood had been extracted. Gevaerd collaborated with other Brazilian UFO researchers who had amassed hundreds of interviews with natives who had been attacked. One fisherman, the subject of repeated attacks, broke his leg whilst trying to escape but was so terrified he continued running despite the fracture.



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