White Noise is a horror movie about communicating with the dead viaITC or Instrumental Transcommunication. This is  the purported ability to communicate with the beyond using technical devices like tape recorders (Electronic Voice Phenomenon EVP), radio (Direct Radio Voice DRV), and visual ITC which uses cameras and monitors to pick up anomalous images.   

The best bit about the White Noise DVD is the film extras which explore the possibilities of EVP. Dan Drasin and myself contributed material to these extras.

The full documentary Dan and I made about ITC called Calling Earth will be available for free on this site shortly.


Here is a selection of the documentaries and movies I have either directed, produced, contributed to, or worked on as cinematographer or editor. 
Trailers, interviews or extended clips can be seen by clicking on the DVD covers.
My first documentary  - Tattooing: Pigments of the Imagination was shot on film in 1985. It was one of the first serious documentaries to be made about the subject in the UK. Long before the popularity of tattooing exploded. It has subsequently become a bit of a cult classic.
Few people realise just how difficult it is to make a good documentary. But those who try soon find out. For me it's the ultimate challenge.
It may be a mountain to climb, but it’s an immensely rewarding way to explore subjects I find fascinating and feel passionate about.