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This disturbing thriller explores the unsettling possibility that the dead can contact us…all we have to do is listen. When architect Jonathan Rivers (Michael Keaton) loses his wife in a tragic accident, he turns to the shadowy, unnerving world of Electronic Voice Phenomenon – communication from beyond the grave. But as he begins to penetrate the mysteries of E.V.P., Jonathan makes a shocking discovery: once a portal to the other world is opened, there’s no telling what will come through it.


Director - Geoffrey Sax

Starring Michael Keaton, Deborah Kara Unger

 Contributing material for DVD extras - Tim Coleman/Dan Drasin





Although other movies have used the idea of communicating with the dead through technical devices as part of the plot, most notably - Frequency - staring Dennis Quaid. (He uses a ham radio to speak to his deceased father thirty years in the past.)  To date White Noise is the first movie to explore the Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

Strictly speaking White Noise isn't really about EVP it's more about visual ITC. (Using TV or monitors to pick up images of the dead)  Naturally the dramatic possibilities are better if the movie makers have images rather than just audio to scare the living daylights out of you. And although White Noise is a horror movie it did a good job of informing the public about the existence of ITC. Especially in the DVD extras.

Tom and Lisa Butler, world experts on ITC, and who feature in my next documentary - Come in Heaven - which explores ITC,  were approached by Paramount to contribute to these extras.  (See NEW DOCUMENTARIES Tab)

Initially cautious about Hollywood's need to use ITC for horror to maximize box office, they nevertheless agreed to participate.  Their contribution is so good it's worth buying the DVD just to watch the extras.  (It was in the extras that Dan Drasin and myself contributed material)  

They include the following: 


Hearing Is Believing: Actual E.V.P. Sessions – Witness the live filming of chilling, real-life E.V.P. recording sessions!

Recording The Afterlife at Home – A fascinating and chilling guide to making your own E.V.P. recordings!

Making Contact: E.V.P. Experts – Discover the strange history and extraordinary achievements of E.V.P. through the experiences of leading authorities.














Crop Circles Quest For The Truth -  by Academy Award Nominated Director - William Gazecki

Produced - Suzanne Taylor/William Gazecki

Additional sound and photography - Tim Coleman





Crop Circles: Quest for Truth is a compelling and provocative feature-length documentary full of never-before-seen footage and interviews with leading Crop Circles researchers and scientists, some of whom agreed to be on camera for the first time. The film is an in-depth examination of prevailing theories about the origin and nature of Crop Circles and the possible implications for us and for the future of Planet Earth. 


Theatrically released in cinemas across the USA.

Aired on Television on the Sci Fi Channel (in the US and the UK)