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Can the dead communicate to us via technological devices?


This 80 minute documentary will be the first to thoroughly explore the amazing phenomenon of INSTRUMENTAL TRANSCOMMUNICATION (ITC) – the purported ability to be able to communicate with the beyond using a range of technologies including: tape recorders (EVP), radios (Direct radio Voice), Telephones, televisions (visual ITC) and even computers.


The producers have amassed the best available evidence for:




• Thousands of people around the world regularly practice an aspect of ITC known as the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). By using simple tape recorders believers claim to be able to capture the voices of the dead. We have collected amazing EVP samples from around the world, interviewed all the leading researchers and filmed an experiment in which EVP voices were produced in an electronically shielded and silent laboratory. 


• Also featured is a group of mothers whose children recently died and who claim to be communicating with them via EVP. In the recordings the children identify themselves by name, give specific information to their parents who in turn claim to be able to recognize their voices. 




• Direct Radio Voice (DRV) is when claimed spirit voices can purportedly be heard coming out of the speaker of a radio. Marcello Bacci, in Italy, is the world’s most successful practitioner of DRV. He holds monthly DRV sessions for the recently bereaved. We shot Bacci in action and recorded the ghostly voices that came out of his radio. Several of the bereaved mothers attending were moved to tears as they are shown recognizing the voices of their deceased children.


We also traveled to Spain to speak to Anabela Cardoso a former Portuguese career diplomat who has also obtained amazing results via DRV.





• Visual ITC occurs when images of the dead are purportedly captured on video cameras and on TV screens. We visit a mother who had lost her only son and was having remarkable experiences during which ghostly images suddenly appeared on her switched off TV. Some of these were captured on video and analyzed; they show striking similarities to her deceased son. 


We also explore the work of Visual ITC pioneer Klaus Schreiber who was able to capture clear images of many deceased friends and loved ones on video.


 Other stunning examples of Visual ITC from around the world are presented.




• Investigations into purported spirit communications via the telephone. In this extraordinary aspect of ITC people claim to have received phone calls from the dead. We interview several leading ITC researchers who have recorded these conversations and find out why they are convinced they are real.



This documentary will combine objective scientific exploration of ITC with the dramatic impact it has had on people’s lives. How it has helped them come to terms with bereavement and fired their belief that life continues beyond the grave.









Orthodox science insists that consciousness is produced by the electrochemical activity of the brain. When the brain dies so does consciousness. But this theory is contradicted by over 150 years of careful investigations that show that consciousness might be able to survive independently of the body and indeed even death.



In Part Three of THE AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATIONS the producers go in search of that evidence taking the viewer on a compelling journey into the following subjects:











• Is there evidence that human consciousness can leave and function independently of the physical body? If so does it provide evidence that it might be able to survive the death of the body.

• We interview two of the most successful practitioners of OBEs: Retired NASA space shuttle designer Dr. Albert Taylor and author Bill Buhlman. These individuals claim to be able to leave their bodies at will and travel to distant locations.


• Featured is one the most interesting scientific experiments on OBEs ever conducted. Here famous American psychic Alex Tanous is monitored as he projects his consciousness from a sealed room to a remote location and reportedly describes it accurately.


• A similar experiment is discussed by Professor Charles Tart at the University California, Davis. Tart is one of the world’s leading investigators into the evidence for life after death. His experiment involved a subject who, under controlled conditions, was also able to leave her body and describe a hidden target.


• We film students learning how to induce OBEs at the International Academy of Consciousness and speak to its teachers.





• We investigate the most famous NDE case of all: Pam Reynolds underwent a “standstill” operation in which surgeons removed an aneurism from her brain. During the operation, when she rendered clinically dead for an hour, she experienced a NDE and reported accurate details of her operation from a vantage point above her body. 


• Pam's is the most highly evidential case in all near-death literature, because of the complete absence of vital signs and brain activity, verified by close monitoring. This challenges the skeptical assertion that NDEs are nothing but the hallucinations of a dying brain.


• Also featured is the scientific investigation into NDEs in the blind. People blind from birth describe having NDEs in which for the first time they are able to “see” and accurately describe their environment. 


• We also explore how having a NDE profoundly alters people’s lives. 


• Nadia McCaffrey had three NDEs. She described her first NDE as so glorious that afterwards she found normal life unbearable. She then attempted suicide in an attempt to re-experience what she claimed was a transcendent AFTERLIFE reality.


 • An exclusive interview with Dr Raymond Moody – whose book Life after Life initiated public awareness of the NDE phenomenon.


• Dannion Brinkley was in the US Special Forces during Vietnam. His job was to assassinate Vietcong officers. He had the first of three NDEs when he was struck by lightning. During this he experienced a “life review” in which he re-experienced all the events of his life like a movie being played back. But he also experienced the pain and suffering he had inflicted on others. Profoundly changed by his NDE Brinkley left the Army and devoted his life to assist the dying. He has written three books about his experience. And a TV movie – Saved by the Light – has been made about his life.


• We also explore the famous ‘Maria’ NDE case that happened in Seattle’s Harbor View Hospital. We interview Kimberly Clark Sharp, a social worker working at Harbor View who located a tennis shoe on a hospital ledge that Maria accurate described during her NDE when she was clinically dead.


• Other scientists interviewed are Dr Peter Fenwick and Dr Sam Parnia. These medical doctors are currently conducing AWARE – a scientific study into NDEs that involves placing specific images in hospitals to see if people during an NDE can identify them whilst allegedly out of body.





Do mediums really talk to the dead? Or are they just reading subtle clues from their clients? 


• Dr Gary Schwartz l a Harvard educated psychologist and Dr Julie Beische, have conducted the first scientific investigation into some of America’s top mediums including: John Edward and Allison Dubois, the real-life inspiration for the hit television show “Medium”


We interview Schwartz and Beischel – whose experiments, they claim, show scientific evidence that the mediums are indeed communicating with the dead. We also conduct experiments in which Dubois’ and other celebrated mediums are put to the test. 





Can children remember past lives?


• This segment spotlights researchers who investigate alleged past-life memories in children. We look at the work of Carol Bowman and Jim Tucker, M.D. 


• Bowman became involved in this research when her two young children reported apparent past-life memories. She has authored two books, Children's Past Lives and Return From Heaven.


• We dramatically chronicles several such stories, and the parents' struggle to understand their children's apparent past life memories. How were their lives impacted? How did they help their children come to terms with these memories?


• One case involves Cameron Macaulay a six-year old boy living in Glasgow. Ever since he could speak he told people about a past life he claims to have had on the remote Scottish island of Barra: a place he has never visited. Cameron was able to accurately describe many details of his former life.  He was able to describe many details of his alleged former life including: the house he lived in and the name of his alleged former father. This proved to be enough information for the producers to locate the house and confirm his recollections.


• Can hypnosis reveal past lives? We explore this controversial area and film various regressions as they happen. Some of which produce amazing and verifiable memories.


• Past life accounts appear bizarre unless supported by scientific evidence, therefore we include the work of the late Ian Stevenson, Ph.D., a psychologist formerly at the University of Virginia, Medical School. He is considered the world's leading researcher on reincarnation, having studied some 2,600 cases. Jim Tucker, M.D, is continuing his work at the University of Virginia.