During the late 90s in England the formerly secretive world of Sado masochism began to slowly emerge from the closet.
I had photographed one of the earliest S and M clubs in London in the 80s and I adored the powerful visual aesthetic and transgressive nature of S and M. 
As new S and M clubs began to spout up in London the Guardian newspaper commissioned me to go into the clubs and photograph the people who attended. It was a fantastic commission and I spent many months going from club to club. 
However when the Guardian photo editor saw the pictures he got cold feet and fearing he would loose readers refused to publish them. Instead they commissioned another photographer to mock something up in the studio. 
It was all very lame.


Tim Coleman has worked as a professional photographer for over thirty years. Trained in studio photography he moved into his main focus, namely editorial and reportage photography.
He has photographed a wide range of personalities from President Jimmy Carter to Johnny Rotten, Diana Dors to Steven Birkoff.
He is unusual in being able to work both as a journalist and a photographer, providing text and images for editorial work.
His articles and photography have been published in leading magazines and newspapers worldwide, including: The Independent, The Guardian FHM, NME, The Face, Skin and Ink, Wiener, Enigmas and many others.
He is currently focusing on publishing a book of photographs on Egypt, especially the Sufi/Dervish festivals: The Moulids.
His work is syndicated by Rex Features.