Tim Coleman is a multi award winning documentary filmmaker, photographer, journalist and BBC broadcaster.

As a documentary filmmaker he is best known for co-directing and producing Out of the Blue, (Syfy Channel US/ UK). A ground breaking documentary on the UFO subject, widely considered one of the best ever made.

He initiated and developed SURVIVING DEATH through AEP media a six-part documentary series on the evidence for life after death.

It was the second most popular program on Netflix in America.

He produced and directed THE AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATIONS. This award-winning documentary presents some of the most unusual and compelling evidence ever for life after death.

He co-produced CALLING EARTH, a unique documentary that explores Instumental Transcommunication (ITC)- or purported communication with the dead via technology such as tape recorders and radios.

He has also produced and directed two other documentaries Tattooing: Pigments of the Imagination which has become a cult classic among tattoo enthusiasts. And Beyond the Pyramids Lie Fairgrounds of the Faithful – on the Sufi/Dervish festivals in Egypt. Originally commissioned by the UK’s Channel 4 TV.

He worked as cinematographer on the documentary Crop Circles Quest for the Truth made by Oscar nominated director William Gazecki.

Tim has worked as an assistant editor for BBC TV and made many programs for BBC radio. Some of these were selected as best programs of the week.

His print journalism and photography have been published internationally in a broad range of publications including two British national newspapers: The Independent and The Guardian.

His photographic work has been widely exhibited. Most recently in the Brunei gallery in London.

His, to be published, photographic book: THE SOUL OF EGYPT explores aspects of Egyptian life that most readers will never have seen before.