A Book proposal.

I have a deep ongoing fascination with Egypt and have been travelling here since my twenties.

Here is a small selection of photographs that have been taken for a proposed photographic book about this country titled – The Soul of Egypt.

The market for books on ancient Egypt is vast and over saturated. This book is aimed principally at people hungry for an alternative to the standard tomb and temple publications.

Its unique selling point is to open a door into fascinating aspects of Egyptian life that the reader will never have seen before. Accompanying text will provide unique information and insight.

Egypt is changing fast. So I have documented many areas of life that have disappeared forever. Including street tattooing, box camera photographers. And the artists who hand painted Egypt’s cinema posters. Not to mention the last Fez maker in Cairo.

Whether it be immersing myself in the astounding Sufi-dervish festivals, where devotees trance-dance themselves into ecstasy. Recording the terrifying Zar exorcism rituals, sharing freshly slaughtered goat with the Bedouin in the desolate Sinai. Or drinking sweet black tea with Sudanese traders in the brutal camel markets, the narrative theme of the book is a decades long passion to find the places, faces, rituals and beliefs that will finally unveil the soul of Egypt.

I am currently submitting this work for publication.